Lightning Protection systems

Lightning Protection systems

Lightning is a very dangerous phenomenon. Many people have been killed in the past by it. It comes in different shapes and forms but the common factor that makes all of them lethal is their suddenness.

They can strike anywhere and anytime, with such force that it causes instant death to anyone within their vicinity.

Lightning is nature’s biggest danger. It can strike anywhere at any time, and it carries with it a deadly charge of electricity. Without proper protection to prevent lightning from reaching your building, you could wind up with a fire, explosion, or even death.

Lightning protection systems come in many forms. Some systems have been designed to be installed on the roof of your building, while others are designed to be installed inside the walls of your structure.

Either way, these systems are designed to keep your building safe from the destructive power of lightning strikes, which can cause serious damage to your structure if not protected properly.

Lightning strikes are the most frequent cause of damage to farms and rural buildings. Where lightning is likely to strike, at least two Lightning Protection Systems should be installed:

one for structures like power plant towers, grain elevators, and pump housings; another for structures that can be struck as a result of direct or indirect lightning current induction into the structure such as pipelines, towers, transmission lines, and buildings.

Earthing & Lightning Protection systems Process

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We understand how important lightning protection is for many businesses, especially since these systems can save lives and prevent loss of property.

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