Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System:



The function of a lightning protection system is to protect structures from fire or mechanical destruction and to prevent human life within the buildings/ structures. An overall lightning protection system consists of external lightning protection (lightning protection/ earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection).


GIMZ Engineering can easily design an effective, efficient, and durable Lightning protection system to protect your Industrial, commercial and residential assets. Our experts offer design consultancy and supply a robust and extensive range of equipment for lightning protection systems.


Purpose of an external LPS:

  • Interception of direct lightning strikes via an air-termination system
  • Safe discharge of lightning current to earth via a down-conductor system
  • Distribution of the lightning current in the ground via an earth-termination system

Purpose of an Internal LPS:

Prevention of dangerous sparking in the structure by establishing equipotential bonding or keeping a separation distance between the LPS components and other electrically conducting elements.


We offer comprehensive Lightning Protection systems providing end to end solutions covering risk assessment through advanced software, design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning.


  • Lightning Protection System as per IEC 62305-2010
  • Products meeting National and International Standards.
  • LPS Products tested as per International standard IEC 62561.
  • SPDs tested as per IEC 61643-11 for Power and IEC 61643-21 for data & signal
  • Reliable and Customized Solutions.
  • Risk Assessment software as per IEC 62305- 2.
  • Design of LPS for new & existing structures.
  • Technical Services for Adequacy Study for existing structures.
  • Installation Services for External LPS & SPD




Classes of LPS I, II, III and IV are defined as a set of construction rules based on the corresponding lightning protection level (LPL). Each set comprises level-dependent (e.g. radius of the rolling sphere, mesh size) and level-independent construction rules (e.g. cross-sections, materials)


To ensure permanent availability of complex data and information technology systems even in case of a direct lightning strike, additional measures are required to protect electronic devices and systems against surges.


The Primary Components of LPS:


Lightning protection systems consist of multiple parts which are constructed from copper and aluminum alloys of top grade. A LPS is designed to last the life of the building/ structure it protects and only requires maintenance when the structure of protected building is changed.


A lightning protection system consists of following parts, which work as a system to stop lightning damage.


  • Air Terminals ( Lightning Rods)
  • Conductors ( Flat Tape or Circular)
  • Ground Terminations
  • Surge suppressors
  • Electronic protection