Engineering Services

GIMZ offers a complete range of electrical testing and inspection services for commercial and industrial premises. Whether you require a single one-off test or a whole installation inspected and tested, we have the experience and knowledge to tailor this service to your needs. Our electrical testing & inspection services include:
  • PAT Testing (Portable Appliances)
  • Fixed Wiring Test & Inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report)
  • Emergency Lighting Test & Inspection
  • Fire Alarm system Test and Inspection
  • Earthing Mesh/Pits Test and Inspection
GIMZ Engineering Services with the help of modern technologies and industry-standard practices has designed and developed proper assessment and inspection methods to ensure grounding/earthing systems, lightning protection systems, and electrical safety conforming to all the international standards.  Key Attributes of our grounding systems
  • Provides low resistance electrical connection to the earth and Gives flexibility in adopting any grounding system design.
  • Offers a stable grounding system that contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect copper and is compatible with plate, Rod, and Strip electrodes.
  • A comprehensive solution as per national and international standards BS-7430 & IEEE-80, IEC 62561-7 (For backfill compound), and IEC-60364-5
ELV systems are designed to protect buildings and structures from lightning strikes. An external lightning protection system is a network of conductors that are installed on the exterior of a building or structure, while a lightning protection system is a network of conductors that are installed internally. Both systems work together to provide comprehensive protection against lightning damage.
With our high-tech equipment and skilled technicians, you can expect a safe installation process. We use the latest technology to pull cables with minimal risk of injury--think robotic arms that protect your wires during transport or custom-designed rollers for easy plugging in! We offer the following Cable Installation Services:
  • LV/MV Cable Supply/Installation
  • LV/MV Cable Termination
  • LV Cable Jointing
  • Data Cable Supply/Installation
  • Cable Tray Supply/Installation
  • Ladder Rack Supply/Installation
Industrial and retail commercial projects are our specialty. We have vast experience working in the electrical installation services sector, carrying out quality work according to IEC standards as well as fulfilling customer needs by following BS guidelines when it comes down to safety issues. We make sure that every project is carried out efficiently while staying up-to-date with new innovations so you can get more from each pound spent on your next big investment or renovation plan.