Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

Industrial and retail commercial projects are our specialty. We have vast experience working in the electrical installation services sector, carrying out quality work according to IEC standards as well as fulfilling customer needs by following BS guidelines when it comes down to safety issues. We make sure that every project is carried out efficiently while staying up-to-date with new innovations so you can get more from each pound spent on your next big investment or renovation plan.

We have accomplished many of the following installations:

Power Distribution System

  • Electrical Substations.
  • Electrical Switch-gear Installation.
  • Bus-bar trunking systems.
  • Motor Control Centers.
  • Generator supply & commissioning.

Lighting System

  • Building Electrification.
  • Area & Roads lighting
  • Lighting Trunking systems.
  • Building management system
  • Dimming/Lighting controls for residential and commercial projects


Electrical installations are a critical part of any commercial or industrial property. They must be installed to comply with the IEC and BS standards in order to ensure safety and quality. We have vast experience working in the industrial sector and retail commercial, particularly in the electrical installation services sector. We carry out quality electrical work and ensure compliance with the IEC and BS standards. This experience means that we can install your electrical system quickly and efficiently, ensuring that it meets all safety requirements.

Would you like to discuss your electrical installation needs with one of our qualified team? We have experience in all types and sizes of projects, so let’s talk!